Use PICKUPISFREE to avoid shipping charges and pick up in Gainesville!
Use PICKUPISFREE to avoid shipping charges and pick up in Gainesville!
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Welcome to Hipp Masks!

We are ready for the public launch of Hipp Masks, a cooperative venture between my small company, Community and Conservation Solutions LLC, and the Hippodrome Theatre’s costume shop!      Each one of our handmade masks has a liner of Halyard H600 sterile wrap, pioneered for use in face masks by UF Health.   These are not medical equipment, but if used properly and with other precautions they should help reduce disease spread.   
A few months ago, the Hippodrome contacted me because their costume designers and stitchers wanted to help meet the need for masks in the community, while helping to sustain the theater.  I’d been coordinating a volunteer-led effort through GNVCovidMasks,org, but we were giving these away primarily based on risk and need, and saw an opportunity to provide high quality masks with sterile wrap liners to those who didn’t fall into such a category.  Hipp Masks was born!
For a few months, three skilled and dedicated stitchers have been making wonderful, comfortable face masks, here in beautiful Gainesville, Florida.   We’ve named each design based on our favorite Gainesville and Alachua County places, organizations and memories.   We hope the names give you a smile.   We currently have about 1,100 masks in stock, and the stitchers will be continuing to produce about 150 per week through the first week in August, then we expect to wind down.  
This weekend we are anticipating a story by Ron Cunningham in the Gainesville Sun, and have been working nights to get the website up with our 93 options (!!!!) up ahead of that.   Some of these masks are made from small pieces of specialty fabric ordered as part of an organic bundle, or in very small quantities.   A few only have one, two or three masks available, and once they're gone, that's it!  I will fill on a first come-first serve basis.    
These can all be mailed or picked up without contact  in central Gainesville, most likely I will have a set window of time each day for this.     I am willing to deliver under special circumstances.         If you have a large bulk order I may be able to be flexible on pricing, please feel free to contact me.   Please understand that we are only just covering costs if I donate most of the value of my own time… there are cheaper options out there, and we won’t feel bad if they work better for you!
Also, this is my first venture into “retail” since I sold Girl Scout cookies, and I will not be as capable as, say, Amazon at getting everything right, but I want you to be happy and feel part of a great solution!   
If it's better for you, you may bring a check made out to my company, “Community and Conservation Solutions, LLC" for pickup. 
Note that if you look at this information and these seem outside your price range, we still are taking requests at GNVcovidmasks,org, have some lovely free options for those in need, and are getting ready to ramp our volunteers back up to make children’s masks, in particular.   We support any and all mask making efforts, and are happy if you obtain masks from anywhere, and use them properly!
Note that I have a *few* new options ready to go not yet listed here, including three sized for small kids and a few new designs (my favorite is the Cotton Club… elegant black fabric with gold musical symbols).   We also have some Gator and Florida fabrics in production, as well as a Republican fabric (we have a Democratic one listed here).   Feel free to let me know if there is something in particular you want or need.    Also, if you’d like to see them in person before buying, Satchel Raye has a number for sale at Lightnin' Salvage, at Satchel’s on NE 23rd Avenue.   He also has masks by other makers there as well.  And there’s pizza and salad, too, of course!

Many thanks to our three wonderful stitchers (who have preferred to remain behind the scenes) as well as Stephanie Lynge, the Artistic Director at the Hippodrome!   We hope to see them back at the mainstage AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! 

Thanks for your patience and support!

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  • Susan WInslow on

    How do we order? Choose?

  • Kelly Harvey on

    If we have purchased one for pick up, how do we know when it is available to be picked up?


  • Mary A White on

    Do you have gift certificates???? I would like to give one to a silent auction so the bidder could choose his/her own masks.

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